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Healthy sleep improves your mood and reduces stress.

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Sleep is essential for peak physical and mental performance.

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Improve Health

Good sleep can make you less susceptible to sickness and disease.

What is SleepCharge by FusionHealth?

Combining specialty sleep medical care, cognitive behavioral-based coaching, and technology-enabled sleep solutions, SleepCharge is the first virtual Center of Excellence for Sleep.

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Improve your sleep, conveniently.

The SleepCharge Program brings you everything you need - including testing, treatment, education and support - to help you get the most out of your sleep. Access to the program is easy using the SleepCharge app and SleepCharge.com.

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"I just wanted to say thank you. SleepCharge has been a life changer for me. Thank you for basically saving my life. I now sleep sound."

Mike K. of ATLANTA, GA

"I feel better, have more energy, my complexion looks better, and I can pay attention much better. I feel like FusionHealth saved my life. I was spiraling downhill pretty quickly. I was sleeping only about 45 minutes a day."

Ronald H. of WESTPORT, IN

"Best sleep I ever had. I love it - no snoring! In fact, I have to set an alarm because I sleep so well."

Larry P. of MEMPHIS, TN

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Sleep Better for Back to School Success

Back to school season means it’s time to move the family toward a more regimented schedule. Replace the relative free-for-all bedtimes with a more structured schedule and routine to optimize sleep time and boost school and work performance, energy, and happiness. CONSUMPTION HABITS Reduce technology use for 30-60 minutes before bed time, including phones, tablets,… Read More about this post

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Strategies for Shift Workers to Improve Sleep

Around 15 million Americans work evening, night and rotating shifts. The sleep deprivation associated with these schedules results in a nearly threefold increase in accident risk for shift workers. This illustrated video identifies the ways shift workers can better manage their sleep to reduce the risk of accidents. Watch Video about this post