Our program is centered on the patient

1. Sleep Checkup™

It all starts with the Sleep Checkup — a quick online assessment with clinically validated questions.

2. Physician Consultation

Individuals with risk indicators meet virtually with a board-certified sleep medicine physician, who considers overall health when developing a personalized treatment plan.

3. Care Plan

Our physicians are supported by a team of medical, clinical and behavioral experts who work with patients to ensure treatment success.

Sleep care that supports overall health.

Whether an individual has a sleep disorder complicated by a chronic health issue or just needs an assist getting sleep back on track, SleepCharge can help.

Why focus on sleep?

Sleep is the foundation of health and wellbeing. Addressing sleep problems helps individuals better manage cardiovascular disease, diabetes, immunity, obesity, mental health and more. Getting to the root cause of poor sleep can even play a role in preventing physical and mental issues.

If safety is a priority for your organization, you’ll want to ensure healthy sleep for your workforce to reduce preventable workplace accidents.

With SleepCharge

Easy access

Your workforce has access to testing, diagnosis and treatment for the full range of sleep disorders, plus readily available education and tools to support healthy sleep.


You'll receive verifiable treatment success reporting, giving you the visibility you need within your organization for this important wellbeing benefit.


Our sophisticated telehealth platform provides convenient access and a seamless experience for patients as they move through the program.

Real results

Patients benefit from our focus on behavioral therapy and the continuing support from our care team that are integral for treatment of many sleep disorders.

Not your typical
sleep solution.

As a Center of Expertise for sleep, we integrate sleep care into the management of chronic diseases to improve patients’ overall health.

Our value-based model reduces your costs and prioritizes treatment success

Easy integration with your existing health benefits allows patients to focus on treatment.

Patients have one point of contact for all sleep health needs, removing the complexity found with most sleep health care.

Patient treatment programs use the latest sleep research — in many cases led by our own physicians.

Our learning center features extensive educational materials, relaxation techniques and other tools to acheive healthy sleep.

SleepCharge can help you help your workforce

Whether you’re looking to improve health outcomes, support safety programs or increase engagement, we can help you meet your goals with a full array of treatment programs for sleep issues.