Calling all sleep-deprived people.

SleepCharge is a virtual sleep health care provider focused on improving health and well-being through sleep.

SleepCharge is currently only available through an employer-sponsored health plan.

Why focus on sleep?


of adults who report poor sleep quality also report poor health and quality of life.


of adults report poor sleep has affected their daily tasks in the past week.

With SleepCharge

Uncover the root causes of poor sleep

Gain an easy to navigate and affordable solution for getting to the root of the problem—whether you’re struggling with poor sleep hygiene or a sleep disorder.

Adopt sleep-healthy behaviors & care plans

Virtually meet with our medical teams to review behavioral, clinical, and medical solutions that meet your unique sleep health needs.

Improve your sleep and overall health

With our dedicated Care Teams by your side, you’re on your way to improved sleep and overall health.

It's easy to begin:

1. Sleep Checkup

Begin by taking The Sleep Checkup—a clinically validated sleep assessment that provides a snapshot of the current state of your sleep health.

2. Physician Consultation

Our medical teams virtually meet with individuals to discuss their sleep health needs and review next steps.

3. Care Plan

The path toward better sleep varies based on need, that’s why we offer behavioral, clinical, and medical solutions to improve sleep. 

We're not
your typical
sleep solution.

Human support

People shouldn’t have to navigate their care alone.  Employees always have access to specially-trained sleep experts who are available by phone, email or chat.

Continuous care

We believe that long-lasting improvements are made together. That’s why we have dedicated teams who provide ongoing support, from medical management to behavioral sleep care.

Medical expertise

The SleepCharge Program is overseen by board certified physicians who specialize in managing complex sleep problems.

Valuable data

Access key sleep metrics shared in your SleepCharge account and work with your Care Teams to more precisely target related issues.

How can SleepCharge help you?  

SleepCharge is available to members whose employers are partnered with us. Contact us for more information. 


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