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Personalized Therapies

There are many paths to healthy sleep, let’s find the one that works best for you.

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Dedicated Care Managers

No problem is too big or too small. You’ll always have a sleep health expert in your corner.

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Sleep Education & Training

Knowledge is power. We’ll provide the education and training you need to optimize your sleep.


Here's how it works.

Nearly half of all Americans report having trouble sleeping and 80% of those with treatable conditions struggle to find the help they need to sleep well.

The SleepCharge Program offers direct access to the very best sleep therapies, sleep education and training along with a team of dedicated care providers - there to support you each step of the way. Everything you need is easily accessible via our app and online tools. All items necessary for assessing and treating your sleep problems are provided and sent directly to you, with no appointments to keep or bills to stay on top of.

Receive sleep education and tips straight to your inbox.

Sleep Charge mobile app

A simple way to improve your sleep.

Simple, confidential assessments help our team determine the right solution for addressing your particular sleep problems. Once in the program, you'll benefit from:

  • Care managers, there with you from day one
  • Sleep experts, available should issues arise
  • Access to the latest treatments and therapies
  • Ongoing education, offered to help you succeed
"I just wanted to say thank you. SleepCharge has been a life changer for me. Thank you for basically saving my life. I now sleep sound."

Mike K. of ATLANTA, GA

"I feel better, have more energy, my complexion looks better, and I can pay attention much better. I feel like FusionHealth saved my life. I was spiraling downhill pretty quickly. I was sleeping only about 45 minutes a day."

Ronald H. of WESTPORT, IN

"Best sleep I ever had. I love it - no snoring! In fact, I have to set an alarm because I sleep so well."

Larry P. of MEMPHIS, TN

Already receiving care for sleep problems?

Consider transferring your care to SleepCharge to save time and reduce cost from physician office visits, in-lab testing and treatment. In fact, there are no appointments necessary.

Work in a safety-sensitive or regulated role?

The SleepCharge Program will supply you with the medical letter of recommendation and treatment history report you need for your annual medical certification.