Promoting Healthy Sleep Schedules for Students

As the end of summer draws near and children and teenagers begin preparation for the upcoming school year, it’s important for parents to consider upcoming changes in schedules as classes and after school activities begin. It is common for students today to fill up their free time with homework, sports, and other interests outside of school. These activities can not only minimize free time, but also impact bedtimes and reduce the amount of healthy sleep children receive; sleep that is essential for their growth and development.

Establishing a Routine

The important role of protecting students’ sleep schedules is the responsibility of parents. Children and teenagers need more sleep than adults, so establishing a consistent routine that maintains at least 9-10 hours of sleep each night for students is essential for promoting their physical health and success. Poor sleep, and inadequate amounts of sleep can be detrimental for students over the long run as built up stress and anxiety can make them more susceptible to illness and injury and hamper their ability to perform.

In this month’s sleep education video, Dr. Durmer emphasizes the importance of adequate rest and recovery for students and how parents can help to protect the vital sleep their developing children need.

Monitoring & Adjusting

To ensure children are getting enough sleep each night, parents should monitor extracurricular activities to determine when enough is enough. A full day of classes, homework and activities can become overly demanding, causing students to push their bodies to the limit. Enforcing early bedtimes is a good way to the provide structure necessary to maintain healthy sleep. Napping can be a healthy way for students to recharge their brains and bodies on days when schedules simply did not allow for optimal sleep. Additionally, if the balance of sleep and activities becomes consistently unbalanced to the point where sleep is neglected, it may be time to reevaluate which activities can be removed order to fit in the necessary time for sleep.

Getting a head start on establishing sleep routines is a wise way for students and parents to prepare for success for the upcoming school year. The health, productivity, and vibrance of your students will be positively impacted by your commitment to their sleep.


If you have any questions or need more information on creating healthy sleep schedules for your family, please contact the FusionHealth Participant Resource Center at or 1-877-615-7257.

Promoting Healthy Sleep Schedules for Students