Aiding Driver Health and Safety with New Technology

Reported by Transport Topics

FusionHealth was recently featured in a Transport Topics article, New Technology Aids Driver Health, Safety.  The article focused on the key advances in technology to combat driver fatigue and reduce risk while improving health and safety.

New technologies related to human factors have emerged that allow for more reliable, cost-effective and safer transportation.  A significant factor in professional driver safety is the fatigue of the driver.  Being able to manage sleep conditions allows driver fatigue to be minimized and thus awareness maximized.

The ideal sleep quality, quality and timing are the most important factors in reducing fatigue.  Telehealth programs, deployed via mobile medical technologies and used by a number of transportation companies, detect these variables.

Outcomes from these sleep telehealth programs show reductions in accidents by 45% per year and reduction in health care costs from 5% to 22% per year.  They have also led to increased retention of highly skilled drivers up to 98% over multiple years.

These advances in technology allow transportation companies to mitigate the risk of fatigue due to poor sleep and all of those who rely on a healthy transportation industry will benefit.

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