Why Feeling Well Means Sleeping Well

Research has shown that the quality and quantity of sleep a person gets is directly linked to his or her emotions. Healthy sleep has a positive impact on overall mood, whereas a restless night can lead to an increase in negative emotions the next day. Anyone who has experienced a tough night of sleep can attest to this fact. As it turns out, sleep plays a central role in regulating the hormones and neurochemicals that affect mood and emotion. When a person is not getting enough healthy sleep, these neurochemicals become imbalanced. In fact, consistently getting less than the daily recommended amount of healthy sleep can lead to anxiety disorders and depression.

In this month’s sleep education video, Dr. Durmer connects the dots between poor sleep and our emotions. The video highlights the tie between certain mood disorders such as depression and mania and the frequency of sleep disturbances in individuals with these conditions. Dr. Durmer explains that while mood conditions were once thought to cause sleep disturbances, recent research indicates that poor sleep may instead play a significant role in causing mood disorders. These points and others emphasize the importance for those individuals with certain types of anxieties to carefully manage their sleep in order to minimize the severity of their symptoms.

By remaining well rested, individuals can feel better and more successfully manage their moods and emotions. Here are three important facts about healthy sleep and our emotions to be aware of:

FACT #1: The brain uses the time during sleep to refresh itself and regulate all of the neurochemicals needed for positive emotions.
FACT #2: Poor sleep can actually be a precursor to certain mood disorders like depression and anxiety.
FACT #3: People have much better control over their emotions, especially the negative ones, when they are well rested.

Sleeping well often means feeling well. Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule that allows for the right amount of quality, restful sleep is an important component in leading a healthy and positive life.

Why Feeling Well Means Sleeping Well