Sleep Well During the Holidays

Don’t let the holiday season throw your sleep out of whack. Our bodies require sufficient time asleep to properly handle the demands of each day without serious consequences, especially during the busy and often hectic holiday season.

Staying healthy during the holiday season can be difficult, from the increase in family gatherings to all those extra sweets seemingly at every corner. The idea of getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night seems just about impossible, but it’s more important than ever.

Poor sleep throws off your stress and appetite-controlling hormones, which can lead to high emotions and overeating (a dangerous combination). Do your best to maintain a sleep schedule and get those 7-9 hours each night — your holiday season will be brighter and loved ones will be thankful!

Pair these sleep habits with healthy lifestyle behaviors to maximize your sleep benefits:

  • Aim for 7-9 hours of restorative sleep each night
  • Keep a regular routine around bed and wake time
  • Avoid heavy meals or intense exercise before bed
  • Adopt a proper diet and daily exercise routine
  • Keep alcohol and nicotine use to a minimum