CNN Fit Nation Driver Requests FusionHealth for Sleep Apnea Treatment Again

Several years ago, after a routine surgery, Glenn Keller found that he was dizzy and short of breath.  One of the doctors suggested a sleep study to find out why.  At the time, Keller also said he had high blood pressure and was out of shape and overweight.

At the sleep study, Glenn discovered that he had Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA affects approximately 20 million Americans. The condition causes the back of the throat to collapse hundreds of time during sleep, blocking the airway and causing people to gasp for air. It increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, and diabetes, which all impact healthcare costs, quality of life and safety at work and on the road.

Keller is a professional long-haul truck driver and his livelihood depends on staying awake, alert and in compliance with DOT regulations.

Back in 2012, Keller was also taking part in the CNN Fit Nation Challenge and started his sleep apnea treatment with FusionHealth.  Since then, Glenn has had a remarkable and inspirational transformation.  He lost over 100 pounds and prioritizes quality nutrition, exercise and sleep in his life.

Here’s more from Glenn Keller on his sleep apnea treatment:

Q: What has resulted from this experience?

A: One of the best things that could have ever happened to me was coming in contact with FusionHealth. Some people might call it a coincidence, but there was nothing coincidental about it. We needed to cross paths, and as a result the things that I desire to do, the things that I dream to do, I believe they are going to take place now. [Its the] people at FusionHealth who make sure I’m getting the rest I need and I’m as healthy as I need to be, to do the things that I need to do.

Q: What has the treatment done for you?

A: I’ve heard about some of the apprehensions that drivers have about being treated with a CPAP machine and I think, “If only they knew.”  If memory serves me correctly, before treatment, I had apneas and stopped breathing nearly 100 times per hour.  After treatment, in most instances, it is less than 3 per hour.  Most, if not all, drivers are like I was.  They don’t realize the rest and sleep they are missing by not having their sleep disorder treated.  I remember my very first night of treatment and how I felt when I woke up the next morning.  I realized what I had been missing and no longer wanted to be without restful sleep.  The treatment I receive from FusionHealth keeps all my numbers in line.  There are no risks of being out of line because FusionHealth monitors my PAP treatment remotely.  When it’s time for my DOT Physical, FusionHealth already knows and they supply my company with my compliance records.

Q: Where are you now?

A: I feel really good about where I am now.  I took action which resulted in me losing 100 pounds.  I was hoping that it would be enough to no longer have sleep apnea.  I probably should have been disappointed to learn that I still have sleep apnea, but I wasn’t.  I’m a professional driver and I understand how important my sleep health is.  I was not disappointed because I knew my sleep disorder would continue to be treated by FusionHealth, the best and most caring people in the industry to treat sleep disorders.

Q: What happened with the follow-up by CNN?

A few months ago, I was contacted by a Senior Producer at CNN International.  They were planning a story on sleep health and my name came up.  He mentioned their plans of having a sleep test done.  I immediately pointed out that my previous test had been performed by FusionHealth and my treatment was being handled by FusionHealth.  I mentioned my recent weight loss and that I was planning on being retested again.  I humbly, but strongly suggested they work with FusionHealth because that’s who has been doing an amazing job of working with me for the past few years.  I talked about my exceptional Care Team that monitors my progress and pointed out how they were able to do the monitoring remotely.  As soon as I hung up the telephone with the producer, I called FusionHealth.  My primary motive for this was that it would be a great opportunity to possibly let millions of other drivers and trucking companies know about FusionHealth and the phenomenal job I know that they do in treating professional drivers.  I was so excited to see the pieces come together and how respectful the people at CNN were of my suggestion to use FusionHealth.

Q: What’s next for Glenn Keller?

A: My goal is to continue to lose weight and if my sleep apnea is a direct result of my weight, then I know my days on treatment may be numbered.  I say that knowing there could be other reasons for having a sleep order, which is why it is of the utmost importance to be examined and diagnosed.  I believe there are an estimated 70 million people with sleep disorders and an estimated 80% of them have not been diagnosed.

My sleep health and personal health are a real priority for me.  I recently ran a 5K with some of our wounded soldiers in Orlando. A week later, I completed a bike ride in Burleson, Texas.  As often as I can, I try to share my story of weight loss and sleep disorder treatment in hopes of more people, especially drivers, becoming healthier and happier individuals.  I also share that in addition to diet and exercise, sleep really is the third pillar of health. As I continue to run, bike and workout, I remember Dr. Durmer [FusionHealth’s Chief Medical Officer] explaining to me back in 2012 when I was part of The CNN Fit Nation Challenge how important it is for your body to recover from workouts and that can only be accomplished with proper sleep and rest.  My gift of speaking has led me to be certified as a Ziglar Legacy Speaker and Trainer.  I am very proud of this because Mr. Ziglar impacted the lives of over 250 million people.  My heart’s desire has always been to make a difference in the lives of others and I plan to do so by enlightening and empowering them.

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