How to Maximize Sleep Efficiency

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FusionHealth executives, Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, Chief Medical Officer, and John Letter, President and Chief Operating Officer, were recently interviewed for an article featured in The piece focused on the dangers and economic implications of sleep deprived employees in the manufacturing industry.

Letter described how sleep is especially important for those who work on a production line due to the demands of their positions. “Workers that perform meticulous and repetitive jobs need to be especially acute,” he explained, “because the personal safety, long term disability and company liability risks associated with mistakes can be far more costly than the immediate loss of productivity.”

Fatigue related to sleep disorders like sleep apnea are some of the main culprits that lead to work related accidents and drops in production. “Sleep disorders erode the most important part of your ability to be productive, which is your awareness, your creativity, your ability to judge things properly and make decisions on the fly,” Dr. Durmer explained.

“Analyzing a workforce using a human factors approach is really the missing link to making major improvements in working populations,” Dr. Durmer continued. “People need the natural restorative power of sleep to perform optimally, but a large percentage come to work every day unprepared to function at their best due to undiagnosed sleep disorders.”

FusionHealth offers technology-enabled sleep health management programs that identify, treat and continuously manage employees “at risk” for sleep problems and sleep deprivation.  We know that the economic value of a well rested workforce extends across an organization from safety and risk mitigation to improving employee productivity, retention and health.

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