Let’s Tackle Sleep Apnea Together

Congratulations on taking steps toward better sleep!

What’s Next?

Our convenient Mobile Sleep Test, which is available at no cost to you, will help us determine whether you would benefit from treatment for sleep apnea. You’ll soon receive a call from a SleepCharge Coordinator to schedule your Mobile Sleep Test at a location near you and at your convenience. Our SleepCharge Coordinators have helped thousands improve their sleep and feel better.

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If you’d like to schedule your Mobile Sleep Test right away, please feel free to call us at 1-877-615-7257, option 1.


Sleep Apnea refers to the blockage of your airways by the soft tissues of the throat that occurs when you’re asleep and interrupts breathing. The sleep deprivation resulting from sleep apnea impacts your body, mind and emotions and has been shown to contribute to a number of chronic illnesses. But, not to worry, we’re here to help!

Rather than have you travel to a sleep lab, a SleepCharge clinician will bring the sleep lab to you, on your schedule. This is the most comfortable and convenient way for our physicians to acquire the diagnostic information they need to make the right recommendation. If therapy for sleep apnea is recommended, you’ll receive all the equipment and support you need to be successful, including personalized calibration and fitting during your Mobile Sleep Test appointment.