New Year, New Sleep Priorities

New Year, New Sleep Priorities

Studies have shown that poor sleep can drastically increase your risks for developing deadly chronic conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Not to mention poor sleep wreaks havoc on your emotional and mental health, hindering your ability to focus, stay calm under pressure, and think rationally. Let’s make better health through better sleep a priority this year.

Tell Everyone

Just like a new resolution to lose weight or learn a new skill, having a support group is crucial for success. Tell your closest loved ones that you’re serious about making sleep a priority this year. Encourage them to join in since everyone could benefit from better sleep. Set a reminder each week to check in with your support group for some accountability and to share tips you learn along the way.

Keep Track of Your Habits

Better sleep hygiene is one of the easiest ways to improve your sleep. Keep a sleep journal near your bed and record your nightly routines and morning observations, you may be surprised by how much time you spend on your phone before bed, or how eating too close to bedtime actually caused you to feel sleepy throughout the next day.

Check In (or Checkup)

If you’re currently receiving sleep care, check in with our care team to discuss your progress and learn how we can make 2019 your best year for sleep health. If you’re new to sleep care, begin by taking the Sleep Checkup to determine your personalized DTQ, which is the first step that helps us identify where your sleep health is struggling.