The Impact of Screen Time and Electronics on Healthy Sleep

Today, electronic devices are seemingly all around us in the form of TVs, computers and portable devices. They have become so ingrained in modern life that for most individuals it’s hard to imagine a single day without them. While the accessibility to these devices has its benefits, the constant usage is taking a toll on the quality and quantity of sleep most people in the U.S. are getting each day.

This is because most electronic devices emit blue-green light, and studies have shown that this type of light interferes with brain waves responsible for signaling to our bodies that it’s time to rest. While it may be tempting to check emails or watch TV in bed, this behavior can inhibit the brain from transitioning the body into sleep mode. As Dr. Jeffrey Durmer explains in the video below, limiting the use of electronic devices in the bedroom is important for promoting regular, healthy sleep.

In the video, Dr. Durmer mentions several important concepts, including the principle of protecting the bedroom as a sleep sanctuary. Consider trying the following three bedtime routines to help your body prepare for sleep:

  1. Unwind Before Bedtime – Calming exercises like reading or meditating can prepare the body for sleep
  2. Limit Exposure to Blue-Green Light – At least one hour before bedtime, try to reduce activities like watching TV or using a smartphone
  3. Remove All Electronics from the Bedroom – This will help limit temptation in using these devices if they’re not available when it’s time to go to bed

As Dr. Durmer reminds us, the bedroom is not just a place for a bed; it is the place designated for vital sleep and recovery. Taking time to wind down before bedtime, removing electronics from the bedroom, and limiting exposure to blue-green light can help increase the quantity and quality of your sleep.

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The Impact of Screen Time and Electronics on Healthy Sleep